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Years ago I tried acupuncture as an alternative treatment for a serious back disorder and the relief was amazing. So I was eager to try acupuncture again as a treatment for my recent limb muscular discomfort. Howard exhibited a wonderful consultative approach to my problem, recognising the issues at hand and recommending a course of acupuncture, cupping and massage. The treatment over the ensuing weeks was very professional, with very positive results. It was a delight to visit the practice rooms in Oberwil where the beautiful garden and facilities provide a calming ambiance that synchronise perfectly with the healing qualities practiced by Howard. I would definitely seek Howard’s professional assistance again if the need arose and highly recommend his patient/practitioner manner, competence and professionalism.
Kevin Young (New Zealander living in Basel)
bio shotBecoming pregnant has been the biggest highlight in my life, however being 39 and new to the game it came with its special challenges as well. During my first trimester I suffered from extreme nausea, exhaustion and constipation. Being a health coach I normally know how to take care of myself, but this time I was at a loss. I went to seek Howard’s counseling, because Acupuncture doesn’t require medication and I wanted to do things as naturally as possible to protect my baby. Howard not only gave me acupuncture treatments, he explained what was happening inside my body and how the treatment would improve my condition. He explained the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory supporting pregnancy and how it’s geared towards creating harmony while the body is changing itself in preparation for a baby. Much better than focusing solely on “fixing” the current symptoms! This for me was vital, because yes I wanted to feel better, but I also wanted to stay healthy ongoing in my pregnancy. The treatments had an immediate effect on my digestion every time; my exhaustion would instead become slow tiredness and the nausea improved enough where I could actually eat something and rebuild my energy. Now I’m in my last few weeks of pregnancy and I feel great! I enjoyed visiting his Practice in Oberwil, sometimes sitting on the bench outside in the garden to enjoy the sun when I was too early for my appointment. I often left the space feeling calm and balanced, which is quite unusual for my busy type-A get it done personality. Howard is extremely professional, sympathetic and peaceful. I would highly recommend him to wanna-be moms and pregnant women. Obtaining balance in the body is critical to fertility and healthy female function. Knowing how it all works makes it that much better.
V. Gatelein
I have been a regular patient of Howard`s since developing sleeping problems and recurrent chest infections. I have always found Howard to have a very calm and understanding manner. He takes his time to comprehensively evaluate the underlying cause`s associated with my condition before carefully planning and carrying out any treatment. Personally I found Howards abilty to explain the cause of my problems very reassuring and his subsequent acupuncture treatments have been very effective in helping me to recover and feel my old self again.
Y. Capt



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